Interesting people, places, conversations, experiences & insights brought to you by a guy who uses the Ride-Sharing platform to Life Coach his passengers. NOTE: People mentioned in posts will have all their identity changed when needed for privacy protection on any sensitive content that is shared.

Interested in being Life Coached?

Although I use Ride-Sharing to connect and help people, I am also an actual Life Coach. I am currently enrolled in an 8 month certification program in Life Coaching.

Life Coaching is like having “a personal trainer for your soul”. A Life Coach helps people to clarify and articulate what they want most from life & how to best achieve it. We help people get past their obstacles in order to create the results they want in life, work, relationships and spiritual growth. We don’t tell people what they should do; rather we ask powerful questions to help the client find the answers that always lie within. Most importantly, Life Coaching is not a substitute for Therapy.

If you are interested in being life coached, I am currently offering hour long sessions at no charge (as part of my certification). Please feel free to contact me at and we can start the process. Most sessions are through Face Time or Zoom. I look forward to hearing from you.