Interesting people, places, conversations, experiences & insights brought to you by a Life Coach who uses the Ride-Sharing platform part-time to be of service to people in need.

Interested in being Life Coached?

Although I use Ride-Sharing for a way to market my Life Coaching business… I am an actual Life Coach. I use the Ride-Sharing platform to be of service to people in need and as a way to connect and help. I am currently completing a 2 year certification process in Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coaching program.

For those unfamiliar with Life Coaching, it’s like having “a personal trainer for your soul”. A Life Coach helps people to clarify and articulate what they want most from life & how to best achieve it. I help people get past their obstacles in order to create the results they want in life, work, relationships and spiritual growth. I don’t tell people what they should do; rather I ask powerful questions & use specific tools designed to help the client find the answers that always lie within. Most importantly, Life Coaching is not a substitute for Therapy.

If you are interested in being life coached, I am currently offering hour long sessions at $90 per (Sliding Scale offered as well). Please feel free to contact me at and we can start the process. Most sessions are through Zoom. I look forward to hearing from you.