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May 18, 2020

A Masked Society

Most of my passengers wear face masks these days, and some also wear plastic or latex gloves. A few even come prepared to disinfect my entire backseat.  I always appreciate that as it saves me from doing it, but I do wish Uber and Lyft would issue new guidelines for passengers that all must wear masks.  I have written to both making the request but have not heard back yet (Update: they do now).

I hate that everyone has to wear masks, but I know it’s important for proper protection against the COVID-19 virus. I feel like I am constricted and I am sure you do as well.  The other issue the masks present is that they constrict in another way… people feel closed off, they just don’t feel like talking and they’re often held captive in their own thoughts.  The conversations don’t flow as easily which is a big problem for me as it is more difficult to connect with people for my content and life coaching, however some do manage to slip by the masks.

Warding Off Illness

Sylvia was a nurse aid heading to a senior living facility to start her day caring for the elderly.  A very dangerous job these days because most of the outbreaks have come out of senior living facilities.  Sylvia, however, seemed to have an excellent attitude and didn’t feel threatened, so I was curious why she felt so safe. “I have my special drink,” she told me.

Thinking about Sylvia’s special drink makes me think we all have our own methods for warding off illness, right?  For me I have been taking Zinc, an Immune C gummy twice a day, and a squirt of saline solution with an added drop of hydrogen Peroxide (shake & spray in each nostril and blow out immediately) that my acupuncturist uses.  Of course, I also utilize smart and safe practices like social distancing, using disinfectants, wearing masks, daily exercise and staying in as much as possible.

Sylvia’s Special Drink

Sylvia is from Uganda and has lived in the U.S. for 8 years.  As a child in her village she had always drank a special drink that seemed to ward off most illnesses.  Her special drink is one she carries with her every day.  Of course I had to ask her what is the recipe for this special Uganda drink.  Sylvia replied that it was quite simple actually.  “Start with warm water, add the juice from one pressed garlic clove, add some juice from a lemon and then add a little ginger, shake and let cool.” That’s it, clean and simple, and I’m going out to get me a garlic press today and try this out for myself.  I think I am going to call it: UGANDA MAGIC!!!!


Although the ingredients are all natural in UGANDA MAGIC & the use of my nasal spray may not be for everyone so consult with your doctor & use at your own risk.

*The names, gender & locations may have been changed to protect the innocent.

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