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November 23, 2019


As David Bowie sings about dealing with changes in his popular song with the same name (& playing in the background)… it makes me think about changes in my own life.  We all face them sooner or later… there’s just no escaping them.  I have written about change in the past and how important it is to embrace it rather then fight it because CHANGE will always win out in the end. 

Sometimes changes are out of our control, like when new management comes in to your company, or an incident happens that creates it (like a car accident or a lay-off).  It has always been my belief to work with it as the results will always turn out better.

GOODBYE Uber Insights

Sometimes change is self imposed and that is exactly why I am writing this post… I often write about other people, today I am writing about a change I chose to make.  As you may have figured out by my prior posts I write about conversations & experiences with my passengers and only if I feel the subject might help others (of course I change any identifying facts about my passengers such as name, gender and locations especially if it’s sensitive subject matter).  This has led me into life-coaching and plans to start an 8 month certification process in the Spring.  Because of this official move I am making I decided the name of this site UBER INSIGHTS (although cute) needed to change, as I don’t want to connect Uber with my life coaching.  You probably have noticed that I have changed the name of this site to something more appropriate, DRIVING INSIGHTS (& still kinda cute).  I feel it is more appropriate with the direction I am moving. Thanks for sticking by me and I hope you continue to visit my site…

SO… sit back and enjoy the ride (no pun intended), as its been quite the journey so far, and I expect it to continue for a long time!

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    Daniel Ftost

    November 24, 2019

    Jim, good luck on your journey to become a life coach-you will make a great one! Cheers!

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      November 25, 2019

      Thanks Dan… hey we are over due for a lunch.


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