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Review: Bennett’s Sandwich Shop (Fenway)

December 16, 2017

Anyone who knows me will tell you I make a pretty mean sandwich! My Panini’s are so tasty that friends wanted to back me in a food truck to be called Jimmy’s Paninis . Needless to say, I am always in search of great sandwich shops… and right now Darwin’s on Mount Auburn St.(watch out for their incredible choc. frosted peanut butter cookies) and Bagelsaurus (see review), both in Cambridge are my favs.

When I saw a feature on Bennett’s Sandwich Shop (Originates from a Maine country store) in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston, I decided to drop in.  Because I have breakfast during the work week at 4:15 AM, I am ready to grab lunch between 9:30-10:00 AM, but my dilemma is that most lunch places don’t open up until 11:00 AM.  I was so happy to see that Bennett’s opens up at 8:30 AM and even more happy to find a much coveted parking spot (OK it was kinda’ illegal…but hey).  I wanted to have something safe so I decided to order a large chicken salad sub, sounded good until the woman behind the counter pulled out a roll that looked a foot long and when she was about to add a 5th ice cream scoop of chicken salad I politely yelled NOOOOOOOOOOOO more please??????

It tool 2 hands to carry this monolithic sized lunch out to my car (which luckily had not been towed or ticketed).  As I managed to eat the first half, which was nothing special and a bit dry too… I started to ask myself what to do with the second half as there was no way I was going to eat it or save it for later.  I know, I though… I will give it to one of the homeless folks I run into throughout the city.

Sitting in my car ready to take off, I noticed a homeless man across the street, rummaging through a dumpster and looking cold (more on the homeless in my next post).  Say no more…. I put on my superhero cape and flew 15 feet across the street and presented the sandwich to the man… he was thrilled to take it and even though I was so happy to be rid of it, I was more pleased by his positive reaction!

As far as Bennett’s Sandwich Shop goes, I doubt I will be returning.  The staff was extremely pleasant, but the sandwich I had was not so good.  I am not sure why they were getting such good reviews or why a local TV show, Chronicle, featured them.   In any case, I am giving Bennett’s a thumbs down rating. 🙁

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