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Giving Back makes Great Business Sense…

November 22, 2015

Earlier this year I met a young woman who was in a rush to get to Causeway Street in Boston to take a look at some space she was hoping to use to showcase some art.  Interesting I thought, but not the usual place for a gallery like setting.  Newbury Street in the BackBay or Harrison Ave in the South End seemed much more suitable… Until I inquired further, which of course is what I do!!!!

As it turns out this no ordinary art show, it is the art of the homeless, disabled or those with other disabilities.  You see this woman was the art curator for ArtLifting, a non-profit foundation that showcases and sells art from talented people that have some unique issues they face on a daily basis. ArtLifting is an amazing platform to bring real income to these amazing artists.

This wee I picked up a young woman who was on her way to Pavement Coffee, over by Berkley College of Music.  Pavement has 6 coffee shops around Boston & Cambridge.  This woman who works behind the counter is also the Art Buyer for their (6) shops… Yes, I had one of those “Aha moments”!

This woman, looks for art to hang on the walls of their shops and sell, so they have these mini art shows that are always on and always changing.  The art that sells goes to the artist, so I was thinking this would be an excellent match for ArtLifting to showcase & sell their art.

To make a long story short… this woman loved the idea… as we drove, she googled their foundation and found the website  . She plans to contact ArtLifting and connect with them about showing art from this foundation. This is a great example of an amazing collaboration & synergy between “for-profit” and “non-profit” businesses.

Art Showcase at the Pavement Coffee House…



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