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Review: Bagelsaurus not in Jurassic World but, luckily can be found in Cambridge

June 13, 2015

This weekend is the premiere of the new Jurassic World movie, but you may be disappointed to find the rare Bagelsaurus missing from the list of dinosaurs that appear in the movie.  The good news is that you can actually experience Bagelsaurus in Cambridge, MA.

Bagelsaurus is the place to go if you are looking for the best bagel in the greater Boston area.  That’s right folks… you don’t have to travel down to NYC anymore to enjoy the best bagel in the land.  Bagelsaurus is a simple little restaurant located right on Mass Ave. in Cambridge in the Porter Square area… right across from Lesley College.  Bagelsaurus has been featured on Channel 5’s Chronicle TV show, Best of Boston/Boston Magazine & the Boston Globe.  I had to give it a try…

The menu is fairly basic offering the typical assortment of bagel varieties: plain,  sea salt,  sesame,  poppy, everything, pretzel, onion, cinnamon raisin, black olive, seeded wheat, cheddar garlic (fri-sun).  My fav is the everything bagel.  They also offer a choice of interesting spreads & sandwiches.  I have ordered the Chicken salad and the classic jumbo egg & cheddar cheese sandwiches and they were both amazing.

All I can tell you is that what makes these bagels so good is the “chewiness” factor, they are slow-fermented over 24 hours… there is no way to eat these fast… and I tend to be a quick eater… with these, not so much!  I find myself stopping in at least once a week and I recommend you stop in and give it a try.  The only warning about the rare bagelsaurus is that I am not alone in loving this place so stop in early as the place only has about 6 tables… best to get take out and head out for a fun picnic.

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