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UBER: Some basic tips if you are a passenger…

April 28, 2015

Are you using UBER?  Are you thinking about using UBER?  If so, then you should consider the following practical procedures.

1)- Most people when wanting to get an Uber simply do a simple “pin drop” for their current location… this is a no no!  Pin drops are the easiest and quickest way to notify the Uber Driver of your location. Many times the pin drops are off by a block or more.  It is best to actually put in the exact address manually. Sometimes passengers are upset when you are not where they are… I always ask… Pin Drop?  Yep!!!!

2)- Once you have a driver accept your ride you can always communicate with them via phone or text.  Sometimes passengers will notice the address (pin dropped) is wrong so they cancel the ride and try again… cancel and try again!!!!  NOOOOOOO just call or text them your exact address so you don’t lose your ride.

3)- The Uber navigation system is really bad!!!! The times are never correct for your pick up.  Sooooo, please try to be ready to go before you request a ride.  Sometimes people are up high in a building and don’t come down until the driver shows up… this may cause your ride (meter) to start before you get there… I start mine after 3 minutes.

4)- If your driver is using the Uber app for navigation… he/she is a rookie and you may end up taking a really long or out of the way route to get to your destination.  Ask your driver what navigation system they are using and if they say Uber then take out your own navigation app and direct the driver.

5)-  You do not need to tip the Uber driver… some people want to and that is fine but, if you don’t want to then no need to feel guilty at all!

6)- Airport pick ups… unless you have a Livery license you really are not suppose to pick up at the airport… Uber actually blocks the requests from going out.  One thought is to hop on the car rental center shuttle and request from there or one of the airport hotels where it is ok to be picked up.

7)- Uber has a rating system based on 5 stars… 5 is perfect and 4 and below is not acceptable.  If you have a 4 average…. don’t be surprised if you don’t get picked up… just sayin’  SOOOOO, unless your driver is an idiot or got lost or had a poor attitude you should give a 5.  Many people won’t give a 5 as it represents “Perfection” and refuse to give it out… the other options are not good.

What many passengers do not realize is that they are rated as well… by the driver.  I always give a 5 unless someone gives me attitude or, they refuse to give me the end address and only offer turn by turn directions (I refuse to go unless I have the latter)… so be nice to your driver!!!

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