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Amazing Jullian

April 26, 2015

So after I dropped Kelly off… I knew it would not take long for my next ride… that always happens when I am in Roxbury.  Roxbury is slowly changing and becoming more gentrified … re-engineered like the rest of Boston… which means of course rents going up and people who have lived there for decades need to move out and find more affordable housing.  It is happening all over Boston.  They named a section of Boston over by the seaport area the “Innoivation District” because there were many start ups popping up there but now… those same innovative companies can’t afford the rent and are also moving out… but I degress, I am suppose to be chatting about my next ride I picked up in Roxbury, at one of the projects…

A single mom with her 2 sons popped into my car.  I always ask… “so how are you all today?”
Jullian is 14 (the older of the 2 boys) and he blurts right out… “AMAZING!”  Wow, I thought… I rarely hear someone say that… “AMAZING” and from a 14 year old to boot!  And you think I was going to let that just go by?  I asked Jullian what was so amazing?  He responded… I woke up!… that it is amazing to be alive!!!

I told Jullian… in life, what you put out there is what you get back… so keep up with putting the good vibes out there.  All three seemed so content… After church they were going to get a great breakfast.

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